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Title Date Scene Summary
Primary Pursuit January 31st, 2016 A team of BOLD ADVENTURERS explore a mysterious ruin in a vast desert. They discover a terrible menace, and punch a giant robot in the face. ENTER WILLIAM PAUWEL.
Quothe the Raven. January 31st, 2016 Nasa offers her help in tracking down Yang's mother, so Yang takes the fae home to Patch, to get Raven's 'scent'.

Ruby was there too, and an impromptu exposition about Dust and Aura is given.

Teaching a Cat to Skate January 30th, 2016 With Staren's interest in the equipment, Nagato offers to teach him.
ICoT: Pyth Orchard January 30th, 2016 No use praying to the Gods these days. No time for it, either. Kid says a little prayer anyway. Couldn't hurt, right?
Seriously, go on a tour with me!!! January 30th, 2016 Kazuko takes a few Union members on a brief tour of Kawakami City before a mission. Also, arcades, potential enrollment, and lectures.
Yang vs. Kazuko! January 29th, 2016 Kazuko Kawakami and Yang Xiao Long face off in the Ring of Philosophy! Also, milk, speed, and badly planned counterattacks.
A Light Carrier's Consultation January 28th, 2016 Jeannette and Kotone were interested in being carriers for the fleet, so they speak to the three best people... Nagato, Ryuujou and Zuihou
IFOS: Born to Be Wild January 28th, 2016 It's a race! Palo Duro Canyon gets torn up by a the vehicle gangs as they ring in the new year. Can our heroes beat them to the finish line?
Sparring Match January 28th, 2016 Friendly spar between two people, Kazuko Kawakam and Mairead Sandilands with different styles and becoming good friends.
Seriously, Wanko Joins Up! January 28th, 2016 Kazuko finds her sister frustrated with her first real loss to Fate. Not being particularly bright, things get a bit crazy as Momoyo tries to explain before sending Kazuko off to Kawakami City's Union Embassy to join up before she can follow her to visit Midchilda, Kazuko's first trip into the Multiverse.
Rise From The Depths January 27th, 2016 Nagato and company do battle against not one but TWO Wo-class Carriers... and end up... with a new carrier.
IS and BB January 27th, 2016 Mairead visits Nagato.
Seriously, Strike Arts VS. Kawakami Style! January 26th, 2016 Fate reviews Momoyo's sparring surveillance footage, asking Vivio if she'd like to spar. Vivio agrees, so shortly thereafter Fate contacts Momoyo to set up an appointment. Unfortunately, Momoyo goes overboard and Vivio won't back down... prompting Fate to overreact and step in to teach the Chancer the meaning of control and moderation. After 'befriending' Momoyo in an over the top display of non-lethal overkill, Fate seals Momoyo for a week and drafts her involuntarily into the TSAB as an aide... preventing Momoyo from fighting while Fate schemes to mother her to death in that timeframe while the much of the rest of the Union snickers and chides Momoyo for her first actual loss and what it's meaning is. Entirely Fate's fault, but Momoyo had it coming for some time...
A Primer On Friendships January 25th, 2016 Yang questions Momoyo on why she made a show of sadistically brutalizing Sanary. Momoyo defends herself by explaining Yari put her closest friends in the line of fire, after Momoyo had effectively given her a warning early on in their friendship. Yang comes away conflicted, understanding the reasoning but baffled on the scale of the sadistic theater and the purpose of The Big Four titles...
The Search for Malboro January 24th, 2016 Lute, Echo, and Sanary head out on an airship to try and capture a Malboro, and run into Finna.
God Will Rise - Part Six January 23rd, 2016 The Union attacks Laurence's mansion while the Confederacy recruits him.
Expedition to the Digital Ruins! Moonmon evolves January 22nd, 2016 Hina takes a bunch of acquaintances to explore some ruins in the Digital World! What could possibly go wrong?
Dungeon Training: Elite Course January 21st, 2016 Union Elites are looking to undertake some extra training. Solaire is looking for people to test the newly revamped Sen's Fortress. Fun happens.
...There's Fire January 21st, 2016 After being whisked off to Eldin Volcano by the Sheikah, Aedan and Yalai are dispatched to investigate strange events there.
The Lady and the Scoundrel January 21st, 2016 Sarah invites Kevin Graham to the Skygarden for a cup of tea.
Batside Manners January 19th, 2016 Echo meets with Sanary to discuss magic tutoring.
The Big Four Proposal January 19th, 2016 Lute comes to negotiate to keep Momoyo from hunting down more Feds. Momoyo brings backup. Since Momoyo wants to fight and Lute wants to get back to business, Momoyo proposes an eternal fighting tournament closed to officers in both factions to jockey for the spot as the strongest fighters in the Multiverse to take the focus off of innocents and sharpen everyone's skills accordingly. The Feds think she's completely insane, but tentatively accept pending discussion with faction superiors.
Batovision January 18th, 2016 Lute and Echo meet, while Echo proposes a plan to go get some Malboro.
A Shopping Trip January 18th, 2016 Raine and Lumeria's shopping trip doesn't go exactly as planned.
Seriously, A Shieldmaiden Challenges Momoyo!!! January 18th, 2016 Sanary comes to challenge Momoyo as promised and garners an unexpected audience. Unfortunately, Momoyo who is out for blood, is looking to provoke the Feds in return for Yari's malfeasance...
Nagato, Seriously Something Here... January 17th, 2016 After the attempted assassination, Momoyo breaks back into the port... and apologizes to Nagato.
The Elrond Protocol January 17th, 2016 Peridot meets with and forges an alliances with her enemy (Sunstone) in order to achieve a better tommorow. Jasper does not approve.
Yang Stops By the Office January 17th, 2016 Yang stops by Boston to hire some professionals to track down her mother.
Happy Trails January 17th, 2016 A train station randomly in the middle of Crystal Valley.
Admisassination! January 16th, 2016 Wo of the Abyssal Fleet, and Yari Takane target the Admiral of Hikari Seaport in a bold attack! Yuna Kagurazaka joins in on the explodey fun!
Invoking the Wrath of Momo-sempai January 16th, 2016 Yari goes snooping in the Kazami Family 'secret base', an intimate childhood hangout stuffed with sensitive details about Momoyo's closest friends while Cookie is under maintenance. Momoyo finds her, and things quickly go south. Sanary and Lute bail out their ninja when Momoyo, ignorant of Yari's recent assassination attempt, mercifully drags her to the Fed-JSDF Embassy in Kawakami City instead of the Union.
A Night on the town January 16th, 2016 Yang's thoughts are a muddle after everything that's happened recently.

Alberto helps set her straight again with some friendly advice.

A Little Guidance In Subtlety January 16th, 2016 Lu-Mey gives Yari the gentle coaching she needs to be a more subtle operative. Then they dance~.
The Crimson Avenger January 15th, 2016 A friend of Geralt's needs some help with the ladies.
Tainted City in Flames - Stage 1 January 15th, 2016 The Fangs of Nidhogg secure Fuyuki City for further use.
Kenji, Seriously Heal Please! January 15th, 2016 Turns out Momoyo has a softer side as she spent the week in Kenji's Union Medical room, having knocked him out prior with a move that caused him nightmares about his failures fighting Shadows... Nagato makes a cameo at the end, a veteran of the type of shame Kenji is suffering.
Welcome to FullDive January 15th, 2016 Kirito introduces Toph to VR, curious to see the result.
A common bond January 14th, 2016 In order to get closer, Hoshi joins Nagato in ALO... and a role reversal takes place.
A-kwisitions January 13th, 2016 A-ko gets her outfit!
Who's Main Cannon is Stronger! January 13th, 2016 After debriefing Momoyo from the Hikari Fleet Daughters, Nagato challenges Momoyo to an actual sparring match as equals. What follows is an unexpectedly emotional match for both fighters that results in the battleship and martial artist developing a rapid mutual respect.
Teams and Ceremonies January 13th, 2016 The Teams are set, the stage is ready.

The players have their pieces.

Time for the curtain to rise.

Barracks in the Moonlight January 12th, 2016 Two people on base can't sleep and end up having a heart to heart.
The New Hot Fashion January 12th, 2016 Natasha retrieves her new outfit!
Of Battleships and Little Girls January 12th, 2016 Yamashiro invites Tatsuto and Hina to Hikari.

Tatsuto ends up learning a bit about the Kanmusu and their Abyssal counterparts.

Monkeys With Silver Sticks January 12th, 2016 Ren becomes concerned about Staren, and attempts to give him some unsolicited advice.
Debriefing a Sub January 11th, 2016 Nagato debriefs Momoyo and ends up challenging her.
'Cauterizing The Wound' January 11th, 2016 Kenji is distraught and Momoyo thoughtlessly offers to pound him into the dirt. When she realizes how wounded he is and won't listen to reason, Momoyo induces a coma with a move that subjects him to nightmares about his failures, in order to prevent him from hurting himself further.
Shadows Cast By Midnight Light January 11th, 2016 One cold night in Alberichstadt, the Shadows within the Mirror Forest seem agitated. A party of Elites go to investigate, and learn of tragic consequences.
Perspective In Potentia January 11th, 2016 A return to the Land of Steel, where a Liner settlement is revealed and a few new actors take the stage. Feat: FIRETRUCK RED, THE TRUE MAIN CHARACTER.
This Scene Has No Title January 10th, 2016 A picnic with friends and family.
Matters Between Cats and Foxes January 10th, 2016 Konoe asks for tutoring in the art of being a shrine maiden.
A Spa-some Day Off January 10th, 2016 Rarity takes her friends to the spa to relax.
ASW Training January 9th, 2016 More training this time, and with Momoyo's submarine antics, time to teach the destroyers how to better use Anti Sub gear.
Cracking Mirrors January 8th, 2016 Amakasu heads into the mirror forest with Nagato and Kal...
The Past Revisited January 8th, 2016 Wo finally stops by Boston, where Psyber teaches her who she really used to be.
Who Watches The Watchers January 8th, 2016 A desperate team invades the Tower of Lezard Valeth in order to rescue a kidnapped defector from an oppressive army. What dangers will these heroes face in order to save the Grigori, Sophia?
Meeting Mister Stark January 8th, 2016 Juno Eclipse meets with Tony Stark to discuss a business proposition.
Demons and Bandits January 8th, 2016 Yari leads a team of Elites to free a village from bandits. Then demon stuff.
Merchant Madness January 7th, 2016 More ALO shenanigans. This time, it's time to meet the Merchant!
A Taste of the Multiverse January 7th, 2016 Hearing that Kal Udar has never had real food, Staren contrives to remedy this at the Bar & Grill
Training Sequence Not Featuring Music January 7th, 2016 Psyber offers Kay some advice and points her in the direction of some people that can train her.
Where There's Smoke... January 7th, 2016 Trouble stirs in Eldin Province, home of the great volcano.
God Will Rise - Part Five January 7th, 2016 Further adventures in Lucrelia and its mountains!
Speed vs Power. January 7th, 2016 Ruby's practicing. Yang challenges her to a duel to see how she's progressed.

Speed versus Power, Who will win?

Gabumonning Around January 7th, 2016 Alden shows off his digivolutions to Ferham
The Nightmare After Christmas January 7th, 2016 Angry ex-christmas tree riot!
A Sub-contract January 6th, 2016 Annoying the Admiral has consequences. Momoyo gets forcibly recruited...
Shadow's Crossing January 6th, 2016 Nasrin teaches Yalai the Stave how to ride a horse.
Guns Staves and Knives January 6th, 2016 Yari Takane sets out to murder gangsters. Yalai the Stave intercepts the Fed ninja!
Let Him Eat (Fruit)cake January 6th, 2016 Sanary has obtained the dreaded fruitcake. Yari is afraid it's poisoned. Gawain volunteers to test this. It's worse than they could ever imagine.
Forged From The Soul January 6th, 2016 Wuyin Tsai pays a visit to the kitsune swordsmith and strikes her with inspiration.
The Newbie and the Dungeon January 5th, 2016 "Tana" as Nagato goes by in ALO, gets a request to do a dungeon and meets up with a few people to finish it.
Epic Fight For Epic Lunch January 5th, 2016 Momoyo is starting to establish a reputation for sparring for the smallest reasons. Once again, she's broke, and trying to get Xiaomu to foot the bill this time! But things don't quite go as expected when the wily Sage Fox counterattacks...
Pieces of Home January 5th, 2016 Glitchy digital ruins, a gift of meat plants.
RWBY Social January 5th, 2016 Multiversals shoot the breeze over catch-up coursework.
The Fleet and FullDive January 4th, 2016 As an attempt to increase morale among the fleet, Nagato and Haguro join up in ALO!
The King and the Emperor January 4th, 2016 Nero travels to Dun Realtai, to meet with the King of Knights and her lieutenant.
Anti-Death Therapy January 4th, 2016 After her 'death', Yari comes to Medusa for a checkup. Thoughts on dying and getting better are shared, as well as how to better murder people. Then Yari donates her body to snake-science. Surely nothing could go wrong with this plan.
Eridine January 3rd, 2016 An initial exploration of the nearest city in Omelas.
FATE: A Spark of Vision January 2nd, 2016 A beach party is rudely interrupted by Imperials
Training In Kawakami Academy January 2nd, 2016 A weakened Yari meets Sanary and Dorian in Kawakami Academy. Yari's still not back up to snuff.
Secret Santa II: Fun With A Red Miss January 2nd, 2016 Fayt finds out a little too late what Riva had planned with her Secret Santa: A blind date with Nero. Hilarity ensues.
Catching Up With The Volkov January 2nd, 2016 Damita meets Kazimir in the Mirror Forest, where they converse about current events as well as giving her a connection to the investigation group.
= Sparring Gold January 1st, 2016 Yang's trying for the school record in the training system.

Xiao Li Yu challenges Yang to a sparring match.

Then Yuuki and Ruby spar.

Title Date Scene Summary
Fists+Science= February 29th, 2016 Momoyo volunteers as the test subject for an anti-Elite railgun. What could go wrong?
Gooey Round-up February 29th, 2016 A distress call? Or just a distorted transmission for aid. Either way, something's up in the Planetary Plains.
Skeleton Pun February 29th, 2016 Quantum physics! Compressed space! Too much high power man! IT COULD TEAR A HOLE IN THE FABRIC OF REALITY! And also, a skeleton in a top hat!
Taking A 'Shine To Things February 28th, 2016 A moonshine operation is discovered to be darker than it seems...
IFOS: Evil Men February 27th, 2016 Tomoyo and Gakupo are out collecting alien tech. So are the Men in Brown. Crossover seems inevitable.
Barganing is Fun February 26th, 2016 Mother and daughter are both stubborn.
ShipWoman and JetWolf February 25th, 2016 Nagato has a chat with Gaonoir... and makes an offer to join the fleet.
NG Therapy February 25th, 2016 Toph and Evangeline spar for fun and for serious business.
A Special Day February 25th, 2016 Can't even celebrate the anniversary without something coming up.
Seriously, A Tiger In The Dojo! February 25th, 2016 Momoyo is challenged by the mysterious Sagat, the Emperor of Muay Thai. The Goddess of Martial Arts has a close match but ultimately the Dragon succumbs to the Tiger, leaving plenty for Momoyo to think about and a lonely Northern Deva an actual rival to chase!
Staren and Toph and Eva and Ice Cream February 24th, 2016 Staren and Toph go to talk with Evangeline concerning the little neuroi's run in with HK-47.
Seriously: Don't Stop To Think Kawakami!!! February 22nd, 2016 An extremely bored Momoyo finally gets a challenge a week before she does something reckless: The Mage of Space, Arthur Lowell. As it turns out, Arthur is completely unsurprised by Momoyo's over the top fighting style, bringing his own zany spin on things! Ultimately Momoyo's raw endurance prevails as she successfully defends her title from bombastic spatial assault!
PUNCHING THINGS is a GREAT BEGINNING. February 22nd, 2016 Yunomi and Yang introduce one another THROUGH THE PUNCHES OF FRIENDSHIP!
Black Ship in the Harbor February 21st, 2016 A mysterious black ship emerges near Hikari Seaport from within a tremendous fog. The vessel proves itself to be INCREDIBLY well-armed, but not invincible. But the depths of the sea hide terrible things indeed.
The Truth February 21st, 2016 Yunomi tells the truth about how she feels regarding Rhapsody, the daughter of her mentor and leader of the Izzet League.
Roommate Intervention February 21st, 2016 Mir needs a talking.
Bar Diving Steampunk Style February 20th, 2016 Two girls on a night on the steampunk town. No, the hamster is not a drunk hallucination.
Lost Logia Hunt February 19th, 2016 A distress call rings out from the Planetary Plains.

A giant blob monster is being attacked by a group of TSAB mages.

Elites arrive to help.

Cobalt Mire February 18th, 2016 When they journey to Gorsh to find the cure for Kazuko Kawakami's poisoning, the Union finds more than just the swamp's vicious monsters to threaten their day.
Into the Calm Lands February 17th, 2016 A trip through the Calm Lands to deal with powerful fiends threatening the citizens of Spira
P:WTWM - Cat People February 17th, 2016 A tank-wearing, cannon-wielding, swordfighting Shadow challenges the party to a battle, and proves to be much more than expected.
Returning Favors February 17th, 2016 After months in apparent hiding, HK-47 is finally spotted on the graveyard planet of Dahrtag - otherwise known as the 'Necropolis'. With his first open appearance since the truce, now is the best time to make the hunter into the prey - in one of the most brutal battles with the droid thus far.
Sleepy kitty, Happy kitty February 16th, 2016 Team RWBY seek their wayward member. What will they discover if/when they /do/ find her?
Seriously, Food Poisoning! February 15th, 2016 Kazuko gets free food from HK-47, suspecting absolutely nothing from a freaky talking heart guy! Also, food poisoning and mucus mash.
And by my shoulder February 14th, 2016 Yang is concerned for Terry's safety while he's on Remnant.

Yang offers to help unlock Terry's 'Aura'.

Valentine Dress Assistance February 12th, 2016 Mairead travels to Equestria, specifically The Carousel Boutique for her first ever dress measurement and fittng from the master seamstress Rarity.
Eastern Deva Match: Kazuko vs. Lu-Mey February 12th, 2016 Eastern Deva Kazuko versus challenger Lu-Mey! Bugs and crazybones versus polearms and regular bones! Also, politeness.
Amber Fields of Grain February 11th, 2016 A meeting in an idyllic town. Will and Nozomi hang out, and he asks questions about the GIANT ROBOT TIGER.
Time For A Rivavention February 11th, 2016 Riva finally pins down Psyber for an intensive talk about things.
Tainted City in Flames - Stage 2 February 11th, 2016 A group meeting focusing on building a base.
Talking Points (Wo) February 10th, 2016 Wo and Nagato have a chat.
Fangs for the Memories February 10th, 2016 A seemingly normal bookstore, owned by a human and staffed by Faunus. What could the White Fang want here?
Seriously, She's Fighting A Hobo! February 9th, 2016 Shin visits Momoyo to spar with her. Momoyo gets increasingly frustrated at the fact that she feels like Shin is holding back... and then finally relents because of her past experiences with Fate. Calling the match, she invites him to be trained periodically in the Kawakami Style, in order to unlock the rest of his potential. For Shin's part, he showed up mainly to learn and observe rather than win.
Down the Tubes February 9th, 2016 Yunomi leads a group of adventurers down an access tunnel for some repairs -- but who knows what they will find?
Strength versus Strength February 9th, 2016 Hoshi Amakasu and Yang Xiao Long, two of the strongest fighters of their worlds duke it out in a friendly sparring match. Kendo Might versus Berserk Brawler!
Lute's Post-Wanko Medical Treatment February 8th, 2016 Sanary heals Lute after her fight with Wanko.
The Guardian of the Mason King February 7th, 2016 The Pantheon reaches out. Auron, as one who has dredged hope from despair, is approached by Lemaign.
Seriously, Lute vs. Kazuko! February 7th, 2016 Eastern Deva Lute versus challenger Kazuko! Pokemon versus dog! Ice cream versus fists! Also, wrong places and times.
Of Reaverbots and Digimon February 7th, 2016 A lone digimon is attacked by a rogue warbot outside of Neo Arcadia. Taro and Alden to the rescue!
Axe-ing for Training February 6th, 2016 Nagato wanted training with a melee weapon, Yuna offered to help.
God Will Rise - Finale February 6th, 2016 The conflict over the Power of God finally reaches its climax.
Sisterly Intervention February 5th, 2016 Momoyo's put Kyra on a one way ticket to Grumpsville. Riva does what she can to help. It's the duty of a Big Sister!
Seriously, Smell This For Me February 5th, 2016 Kazuko's been feeling a little down. What better way to get her mind off of her troubles than a trip to Anaheim? I mean, a creeping, assimilating, acidic plant monster trying to eat Anaheim?
Clenched Teeth Teamwork February 4th, 2016 Called by a Jedi temple to ward off a Sith intruder, Jedi Revan and Kyle Katarn bring Maya and Mairead Sandilands, only to end up working together. There they find revalations about themselves and their actions through the Force...
Seriously, Knight+Mage vs. Martial Artists! February 3rd, 2016 Momoyo and Kazuko challenge Kyra Hyral and Nero during a long overdue rematch over a high school tiff on the radio. Unfortunately, Momoyo didn't arrive for settling a score but drops a bomb: Win this match or never accomplish your dream, Kazuko. The results are inevitably explosive, but heartbreaking...
Seriously, TSAB Drones And Paperwork! February 2nd, 2016 Momoyo goes with Fate to the TSAB as an aide. During simulation training to burn off Momoyo's excess energy, Fate and Momoyo finally get into the argument that has been building all week long like a pressure cooker and find unexpected common ground. Kazuko shows up to pick up her sister after being lonely during her first week in the Union, but the conversation turns somewhat dark around her in ways she doesn't notice. Still, Momoyo and Fate part ways that night with a renewed understanding of one another after Fate finally unseals Momoyo's ki, convinced she's no longer quite as dangerous.

Title Date Scene Summary
No Place Like Home March 30th, 2016 White Berserker visits Spira and is introduced to Home.
Downfall March 30th, 2016 The reason for the Mugunghwa's downfall is made clear.
Penumbra of the Old Dark March 29th, 2016 Upon his death, the core essence of Manus, the Primordial Man, has split off into several pieces and gone its separate ways, and with it, so has the Abyss shattered. It is one of these remaining pockets, over the ruins of old Oolacile, that Elites investigate.
Chasing Ships March 28th, 2016 After hearing over the radio an Abyssal's been revived... Nagato's got words to say to the reviver...
A Grimm Tale March 28th, 2016 Grimm are massing for an attack.

Yang sends out a call for help as she tries to hold them off.

Help arrives and the Grimm get routed.

Circus Of The Damned March 27th, 2016 Madcap's premiere circus show in the Multiverse, free admission for this special occasion!
Last Woman Standing March 27th, 2016 Kazuko Kawakami'll fight anyone. She'll kick your fish's ass. She'll kick your bird's ass. She'll kick... her own ass? Just what kind of jungle did we end up in?
A Blast in the Earth Kingdom March 27th, 2016 Unionites come to investigate reports of kidnapping, and what they discover is a sinister scheme!
Hunting the Most Dangerous Bug March 25th, 2016 A dangerous tyranid finds itself in the rare situation of being prey, as Sinon and Karian hunt down the final shred of a hive fleet.
Of the past. March 25th, 2016 Mistral tells Zekken the reason she was so shaky.

Why her fighting spirit was so weak.

A Spider's Woes March 24th, 2016 Yunomi, Iria and Guildmaster Rhapsody arrive to aid a refugee Yokai in search of her missing daughter. Judging by Yunomi's involvement, it's not going to be an easy case.
Katze Way March 24th, 2016 Alden is introduced to a shinki partner.
Training and sparring between digimon. March 23rd, 2016 Gaonoir spars with some of Alden's digimon friends.
Reassure Me March 23rd, 2016 Sinon still has nightmares sometimes.
Grineer Derelict March 22nd, 2016 Grineer! Warframe! Violence! All this and more at the introduction of Warframe to the Multiverse.
The Quest for Sustenance March 22nd, 2016 Three BRATS walk into a grocery store...
Spare Parts No. 2 March 22nd, 2016 Attempted theft of some Superconductors from a Union materials facility!
Sylphs and Skills. March 22nd, 2016 Zephyr's working on something. Her own Original Sword Skill, and not just the one either.

Yuuki and Nagato show up to help out, but some old 'war wounds' show themselves in Zephyr's heart.

Nagato helps to soothe these wounds through combat.

This Girl Is On Fire March 21st, 2016 Litwick, I don't think we're in Bayern anymore!
By the Sea Shore March 20th, 2016 You know how you know you're about to fuck up? Yeah, Will doesn't. Sometimes that part of his brain just kind of turns off, especially when machines are involved. Machines and Abyssal Ships, apparently.
Of Digimon and Tamers. March 19th, 2016 Alden and Gaonoir discuss Tamers with Gaonoir's new Human partner.
Door to the Past March 19th, 2016 The Flotilla, alongside select members of the Union and Confederacy, explore the log files of the Mugunghwa.

Things become more heated than some might have anticipated.

Teleportation Troubles and Space Station Shenanigans March 18th, 2016 Ziggy and Toph have to handle an emergency situation when testing of Ranger Green's capabilities don't go as planned.
A Sylph in time. March 18th, 2016 Zephyr's playing ALO, and gets herself in a spot of trouble while trying to solo a mid-level quest.

Staren, Talken(Yuuki's NPC) and Tomoe step in to help her out!

Spare Parts No. 1 March 17th, 2016 A jetbike, a hovervan, and a heist gone very wrong.
What Do You Do With A Cyborg Sailor March 16th, 2016 Chief invites Mel over for a talk. Will comes along. ANOTHER NEW FRIEND IS ACQUIRED.
A Wild Ride March 16th, 2016 A bunch of ghostly bosozoku are haunting the highways of Tokyo, and it's up to Reiji, Xiaomu, and some of their friends to put a stop to the spectral shenanigans.
Digivice Digits March 16th, 2016 Kari shows Alden around her Master's apartment. Alden asks Zarenna for some help with a long-standing problem.
When Paths Finally Cross March 15th, 2016 Octomon pirates plunder Telwark Mall... And Gaonoir gets an unexpected new partner.
Despite Efforts, the Deluminated Encounters Internal Turbulance March 14th, 2016 The Deluminated takes off on its maiden voyage, with many Elites on board. Things spiral out of the control from there.
Seriously: Wind Mage vs Puppy March 14th, 2016 Zephyr challenged Kazuko.

Fight happens.

Shock and Awe March 14th, 2016 Terry looks for Ruby at Beacon to start work on the designing and building of the dust powered weapons for him to use when hunting Grimm.
A Digimon and a Wind Mage walk into the Ring. March 14th, 2016 Zephyr takes Alden to the Ring. They spar for a bit, and shoot the breeze.

Literally, once.

One Night at Maison Stark March 13th, 2016 While Tony and Pepper are away on their honeymoon, Malibu is still bustling as Toph celebrates her fifteenth birthday with a sleep over.
Flower of a Distant Pond March 13th, 2016 The Flotilla happens upon a Generation Ship that is nearly 3000 years old. Yet there may still be something to salvage here...
Pig Birthday! March 13th, 2016 A pig is sold, eaten, and someone might have crapped their pants! Also, recruiting attempts.
Rebel Solidarity March 12th, 2016 Kyra asks Juno to borrow her skills of questionable provenance to hack information from Murasame Zaibatsu hardware.
ICoT: The Hard Way March 12th, 2016 Cinderbrick Fort was the home to the Marshals. Now it's only home to Windbags and a Core. And so begins a race between Cael, Ura, and their associates to kill the former and obtain the latter.
Seriously, The Absolute Blade VS. The Northern Deva! March 12th, 2016 Challenged by The Absolute Blade, 'Zekken', Momoyo finally falls from her position as the strongest... but only by a hair's breadth. The vicious natural disaster of a woman was finally taken down and handed her first official defeat.
A Meeting with the Wisewoman March 11th, 2016 Saber and Bedivere stops by to chat with Inga while surveying near Inga's cottage.
Digital (Kotone and Rory) March 8th, 2016 While her body is in need of having repairs, with Rory's help? Kotones takes some time to go fully digital for a while to see just how Rory herself normally lives.
An Intruder at the Boutique March 8th, 2016 Just as Tomoyo was closing up, Yari slips into the Boutique to make off with some very dangerous gems.
IFOS: Action, Please March 8th, 2016 It's time to finish this once and for all. And what better way to do it than with a musical number?
Grimm Attack in Urbania! March 8th, 2016 Yang finds Grimm prowling a section of Techno Urbania.

Gaonoir, Alden and Sanary happen to be around too.

They beat stuff up.

Stranger From A Strange Land March 6th, 2016 Count Kord pays the Foxtrot Ranch a visit. With exposition.
Operation Rei-Go! E-1 March 5th, 2016 The start of a major operation, Nagato wants to eliminate the Abyssal Threat.
A Vow Unchallenged March 5th, 2016 The Wedding of Tony Stark and Virginia
A Stark Reception. March 5th, 2016 NO ONE PLAY RAINS OF CASTAMERE!
IFOS: Bad Moon Rising March 5th, 2016 There's one last piece of alien technology to find before the aliens can leave Amarillo: it's located in the sewers under the city. But light-hearted weirdness belies the fearsome atmosphere brewing above ground...
Kanmusu Hinamatsuri! March 3rd, 2016 It's time for the Hinamatsuri!
IFOS: Jumping Jack Flash March 2nd, 2016 Mike's got a chip on his shoulder and a voice in his head telling him to ROLL INTO TOWN and CRUSH ALL OPPOSITION. He's bringing some real fury to the road, and it's up to the heroes of the day to go on a car crushing saga.
49°51'S 128°34'W March 1st, 2016 You know what's even worse than giant, futuristic battleships? Horrible coral monsters. In this episode: Will gets scarred for life! Mel and Maaka make a friend! AWFUL THINGS ARE UNLEASHED.

Title Date Scene Summary
A three hour tour, an uncharted isle April 30th, 2016 Monsters give loot. They also hurt people... a lot.
Exploration: Urban Decay (1) April 27th, 2016 Exploration of the area immediately outside the Church of Bleak Mercy, known as the Urban Decay.
Man-Sized Rats and other Unnatural Things April 27th, 2016 Tomoe and Mort go exploring and find a world beset by a enemy they know far too well as they run into Elvish survivors of what seem to be a doomed world.
Ways to Upgrade a Katze April 26th, 2016 Upgrading Katze to interface with Alden's D-Arc.
You Didn't Ask April 26th, 2016 In which Saber learns of a hidden martial skill of Bedivere's during a sparring match, because after all, she never asked him about it.
Shores of the Void April 25th, 2016 After a rendezvous near Earth of the Origin System, Kushiko explains to Juno Eclipse the inner workings of her world, and shows her the dangerous Void.
Ashes to Ashes April 24th, 2016 Tomoyo's Boutique burned down. People come along to see how the owner is coping.
Experience April 24th, 2016 Fuki works on training and gets a lesson in how far she has to go from her superior... Lute.
Sepulchre of the Giants April 23rd, 2016 Beyond the robotic horde is... A robot factory!? The party takes on a giant robot tank and travels deeper into the base, only to find themselves face to face with a relic of the ancient age. One that doesn't want the people of the present to meddle in his domain.
Rediscovering a lost gem April 23rd, 2016 Ferham runs into Peridot again under Malibu.
Slaves to the Metal Horde: Part 3 April 23rd, 2016 The return to the Machine Factory. And then... meetings.
First Rays of the Prodigal Dawn April 22nd, 2016 At long last, Gwynevere returns home.
Jupiter: Infested Outbreak (P1) April 22nd, 2016 The first encounter with the Infested also demonstrates how severe of a threat they are that old hostilities are put aside in a bid to draw attention off other operatives in order to escape.
WEIRD SCIENCE! April 21st, 2016 Yunomi and Sakura in Ravnica, discussing science!
White Noise April 21st, 2016 Juno Eclipse and her allies raid an Imperial base for information.
Business Upswing April 20th, 2016 New outfits and interlopers at the Boutique!
Two Shinki, A Girl, And A Digimon April 20th, 2016 Zarenna meets Katze. Alden and Zarenna talk about upgrades while Kari and Katze consider gardening.
In Unlikely Places April 19th, 2016 Juno Eclipse travels to the Smuggler's Moon, Nar Shaddaa, to enlist the help of the Tenno and the Lotus in her battle against the Galactic Empire.
Cloud City Rendezvous April 19th, 2016 Juno Eclipse meets with Alexis Maaka in Cloud City, Bespin, to catch Maaka up on the Imperial state of affairs.
A Drowned Aftermath April 18th, 2016 Drowned Ophelia comes to Remnant.

Yang Xiao Long and Alden face off against her.

Socializing: Greater Than Algebra April 18th, 2016 The two girls from Tomoeda take a break from study to converse lke (mostly) regular high-schoolers.
Recovering in Sundew April 17th, 2016 Drift is taken in after a defeat by Princess Sarracenia.
The Metal Horde Tapes April 17th, 2016 In the process of exploring the conflict between the Metal Horde and the humans, certain individuals were arrested and interrogated by Union and Syndicate elites. This is a synopsis of those interrogations, which took place after either parts 1 or 2.
Welcome To Barrowville April 17th, 2016 The first encounter with a world of Death, known as Lumiere.
The Extraclodorial and I April 16th, 2016 The earthbender and a gem meet again and catch up.
Spirit of the Forest April 16th, 2016 In an effort to beat some Sheikah history and culture into his head, Yalai drags the Rescue Knight Aedan MacCarvill into various and sundry Sheikah Temples, starting with the Forest Temple.
Third Time's the Charm April 16th, 2016 For the third time, Mamimi and Tomoyo meet on the streets of Tomoeda. Both progress in their relationship with the other, in their own ways.
Slaves to the Metal Horde: Part 2 April 16th, 2016 It's time to explore the Machine Factory of the Metal Horde. Things go completely unlike what you'd expect.
Friends of Different Sizes April 15th, 2016 Toph drags two of her friends along to meet a new batch of badgermole babies.
A New Project April 15th, 2016 Tomoyo is filming a short movie for a school project, and she needs Elites to serve as actors!
Canon in E(xalted) April 14th, 2016 Ren tunes a violin and plays it. People listen. ALSO: Musical skill in MMOs!
Imperial Acquisition April 14th, 2016 The Rogue Shadow needs a few specialty parts, so Juno raids an Imperial shipyard to get them.
Death Recuperates April 13th, 2016 Janine finally recieves some visitors at the hospital.
Roll the Old Chariot Along April 13th, 2016 NAKA IS A TERRIBLE INFLUENCE
A Meeting in the Ring April 13th, 2016 Not knowing what a kirin is, or perhaps curious that she's really a kirin, a few Unionites go to meet Shunrin in the Ring of Philosophy.
Slaves to the Metal Horde: Part 1 April 11th, 2016 Five thousand dollars will be paid out to the families of anyone who dies during the chilling cinematic presentation of the desert drama!
Of Imps and Cait Sith. April 10th, 2016 Cirra, AKA Palmira the Imp, got left behind in the Capital City of Aurun.

Silica and Sinon go to get her out!

The Jewel of the Outer Kingdoms April 8th, 2016 The Kingdom of Shun throws open its gates in welcome of their new Union allies, and invites a number of them to visit Jewelbough Palace.
Set Sail for Adventure! April 8th, 2016 Our adventurers learn more of the game when they run into pirates! The pirates learn the difference between stats and skill.
Corpus: Rescue Operation April 7th, 2016 A rescue mission aboard a Corpus ship; new intelligence and the existence of other factions brought to bear.
Ripsaw April 7th, 2016 Hoshi, Ren, and an awful, terrible, horrible not good at all adventure in time travel.
We Didn't Start The Fire! April 7th, 2016 The Hellions are up to some kind of trouble again in an office building! And a mysterious second group has gone in after them! Heroes local and Multiversal respond!
Operation HEPHAESTUS April 6th, 2016 A force of Elites set out to bring justice to villagers of ReGenesis' world turned Multiversal bandits
The Mountain Cycle April 5th, 2016 Iskandria is under attack by horrible robotic legions. They send out a call for help, and help answers... Only to discover something waiting for them beyond the horde.
An Amewsing Conversation April 4th, 2016 Tana meets up with Silica and they have a Cait Sith to Cait Sith chat.
ICoT: From Wharf to Wilds April 4th, 2016 "Well... no point in explaining what happens next, right?"
Shadows In The Forest April 4th, 2016 A demonic bunny appears! Is one group of Elites enough to stop him?
Visiting Hours April 3rd, 2016 Ferham visits Taro while he's recovering from his scuffle with Nasrin.
Operation Rei-Go: For Those Gone April 3rd, 2016 Repentence and reverie... and a crying Admiral.
Musings about Metalbending and Magic April 3rd, 2016 Discussions of magic tricks and seismic senses alongside metalbending.
Cutlasses 'n Cannons Online April 3rd, 2016 A group of VR players enter a new MMO to track down some interesting rumors.
Chasing Shadows April 3rd, 2016 Gaonoir, Alden and their partners investigate a creature sighting, only to discover a danger from the past.
Operation Rei-Go: E-2! April 2nd, 2016 Another assault... and this time, it took more than just the Abyssal Lives...
Action and Consequence April 2nd, 2016 Lezard comes to Alberichstadt to teach Janine a lesson on consequences.

Title Date Scene Summary
What Lies Ahead May 31st, 2016 Season of Pain - Final Battle. The Return of Death. Drowning Doom march on .. well, March, to scour the world clean of life once more.
A Not So Gentle Touch May 31st, 2016 It's time for Yari to get a new arm to replace what was lost, and Medusa is only happy to help in her own way.
A Few Friendly Spills May 30th, 2016 Kappa in Tokyo-52605 hold a sumo tournament; a few Multiversal guests drop by to visit.
Surf Warriors: Final Stage May 29th, 2016 A final showdown! The power of friendship awakens. Wield the Tiki Spirits' power!
SW: Stage 3, 4 and 5 May 28th, 2016 Rolling Boulders! A river full of threats! Pushing on no matter what!
A Knight By The Lake May 27th, 2016 Athela's first meeting with Multiverse people.
Home Monster Movie: Doctor Gross-O's Creature Carnival May 26th, 2016 A few Confederates decide to make a home movie involving mecha and kaiju.
Surf Warriors: Stage 2 May 26th, 2016 A curse on the ocean! A sea full of traps and tidal waves. Can you protect the mysterious girl?
The Black Depths May 24th, 2016 Random Scene - Drowned Ophelia wants an object called 'The Heart of the Sea'. Of course, now there's infinite number of seas smashed together, so who knows what the hell it's for.
Contact: Escher (2) May 24th, 2016 Some matters are clarified by speaking to a survivor among the Lit within Escher.
A blissful evening May 24th, 2016 Felicia meets an old friend/foe at a bar in the Makai... a musical number ensues?!
Hippos Are Deadly May 23rd, 2016 Several Union members investigate troubles in an archaeological dig.
Pizza in Canterlot! May 23rd, 2016 Visitors to the newest Equestria are treated to pizza and a Q&A with Princess Luna.
Party Like It's 2028! May 23rd, 2016 The Sleeping Knights throw Yuuki a small party for her 16th birthday. Without telling her, they invite her new friends as a surprise!
Lute and Medusa Talk About Sanary May 23rd, 2016 Lute and Medusa talk about Sanary becoming Drowned.
First Stratum: Rescue the newbies! May 22nd, 2016 A distress call comes from Etria for Multiversal assistance! A newbie promptly learns that people in the Multiverse are way stronger than she is, and a lot of angry fauna explode.
Raid for Justice May 22nd, 2016 Tomoyo leads a raid on Gentle Brooks, an apartment block for criminals. Their target is one man, but many stand between they and him.
Surf Warriors: Stage 1 May 21st, 2016 SURF WARRIORS and the TEMPLE of TANGAROA:

Horror on party beach! The monster that came from the ocean. How many umbrellas will you break?

Jupiter: Infested Outbreak (Final) May 21st, 2016 The final confrontation with the source of the Infested that have been resurgent in Jupiter's orbit.
Digging My Tomato May 20th, 2016 Kari brings tomato seedlings for Katze and Alden to plant and grow.
White Noise And Black Static May 19th, 2016 Post-Battle of Avatar World. Sanary has been badly corrupted by her link to Drowned Ophelia - so the obvious answer is to drown her. Rise, Sandere! Blessed by the power and madness of the Sea of Black Tears.
Cats and Dogs. Round 1. FIGHT! May 19th, 2016 A puppygirl and a Cait Sith walk into the Ring of Philosophy.


Friendly Visitor May 18th, 2016 While Yuna is hospitalized on her home Earth to recover from the last battle of Operation Rei-Go, she gets a visit from Nagato, and the two of them chat for a little while about various things.
Where the Wind Blows May 18th, 2016 Sarah and Luc discuss the possibility of sealing the True Wind Rune in a way that allows Luc to survive.
Imp and Impish May 18th, 2016 The greatest Earthbender meets the greatest VR duellist.
The Death of Love May 18th, 2016 Season of Pain - The Slog on Swamp. The Drowning Doom head to Avatar World, dragging all that they robbed from Vale and Middle Earth.
Contact: Escher May 17th, 2016 Further exploration of the tower of Escher turns out to be confusing and hazardous.
In Pursuit of Justice May 15th, 2016 An illegal auction is broken up by Elites at Tomoyo's suggestion.
Q&A Time With Ren May 15th, 2016 FEARSOME BATTLE WITH GIANT SCORPION happened before this scene, so now for some other stuff. Boring stuff, history of Ren's world... etc...
Camping Buddies May 14th, 2016 Peridot is introduced to camping, smores and that the fact that you don't eat sticks.
Black Descent (CCO) May 14th, 2016 The players witness a scene of terror, where a top-tier pirate vessel is wiped out by a rogue encounter
Jupiter: Infested Outbreak (P3) May 13th, 2016 With less Infested in the way, an attempt can be made to obtain the information necessary to track down PHORID where it has manifested most recently. Surely it isn't a trap?
Soul Thrashing Black Sorcery May 13th, 2016 Season of Pain - The March on Middle Earth. The Drowning Doom march on Middle Earth using what they gained from Vale, a corrupted Grimm.
The People Cry Out, Saying 'Such Opulence Cannot Be Allowed!' May 13th, 2016 A callous queen has worked her people to the bone to create four grand statues of herself from precious metals, and made all her subjects show up for the unveiling. The inevitable riot happened, and a 100ft tall bronze statue was stolen in the mayhem.
The Dark of Gold May 11th, 2016 Drowned Ophelia meets her first Multiverse victim and prepares for WAR. Post 'Under Black Flags We March'.
Dropping into ALO May 11th, 2016 Tony Stark and Toph Beifong join the ALO craze with some expert help.
Elimination: Urban Decay (1) May 11th, 2016 An attempt to reduce the threat level of the Urban Decay results in the discovery of a new sub-area of it. Confederates, Syndicate, and Union work together to eliminate the enemy!
A Hunting We Will Go May 11th, 2016 Yari takes Ferham and Sanary into a horrible hellhole of a swamp looking for plants. Toxic goo ends up /everywhere/!
Typical Solar Dinner May 10th, 2016 Anne Blakely invites Karal Rei Lin over for a meal and a chat.
Slaves to the Metal Horde: Part 4 May 10th, 2016 Let's see what's at the heart of the Metal Horde. Can the steel shell be pierced through, or will everything go down in flames?
The Dragon's Heartbeat May 8th, 2016 Strange noises have been heard at night coming from Drachenblatt. Janine organizes a team to make sure the noises aren't Forest-related.
Not Quite Mother's Day Breakfast May 8th, 2016 Pepper's second mother's day is a bit different from the one the previous year
Kobolds (attempted to) Steal the Baby! May 7th, 2016 Toph is put in charge of her younger adoptive cousin Liz when Pepper, Georgia and Carolina go out for a 'Mom's Day'. Kobolds attempt to steal the younger Ironling, and Toph not only has to bend a way out of the situation, but tend to her young charge at the same time!
Exploration: Escher May 7th, 2016 Exploration of a gore-soaked tower leads to an even more unpleasant discovery than might have been expected.
Do You Want to Play a Fairy May 6th, 2016 Toph decides to join the ALO craze, but first decides to drag her dad into the mess.
Under Black Flags We March May 6th, 2016 What happens when DEATH METAL comes to Remnant?

A whole lot of pain and suffering. That's what.

Hickory Dickory Dock May 5th, 2016 The Union and Confederacy investigate mysterious political happenings.
Exploration: Urban Decay (2) May 5th, 2016 The Confederates conduct their own investigation... And are led by dark powers to new allies.
Akebono goes Home May 2nd, 2016 After a heated argument on a public channel, Akebono is sentenced to community service in the Al Bhed community.
Jupiter: Infested Outbreak (P2) May 2nd, 2016 While a source vector has been identified for the Infestation on Jupiter, getting more information to track down it's location is a problem that only wiping out more Infested can help deal with.
A Gem's First Job May 1st, 2016 Peridot needs some of this 'currency' stuff. Janine has some, and a school system she needs hacked. Funny how things work out, isn't it?

Title Date Scene Summary
The Shadow Temple June 30th, 2016 Yalai the Stave reveals a little more of Sheikah history to her friend and ally Aedan MacCarvill.
Dreaming of Bygone Days June 28th, 2016 Bedivere dreams of days past, returning to Camelot and remembering his duty's singularity of purpose.
Unwavering Loyalty June 26th, 2016 Janine finds Emily a hard butler to sneak past. A prequel scene to 'The Dashing Herald of Bad News.'
P:WtWM - The Dashing Herald of Bad News June 26th, 2016 Die Reisenden and friends travel into the Forest to rescue a rumormonger from the Shadows within.
Here's Your Wakeup Call June 26th, 2016 Toph visits Sigrun in medical after their fight against Confederates in Techno Urbania
Unlit Boss (1) June 25th, 2016 The time has come to confront a powerful Unlit that terrorizes the Urban Decay.
Gunbreak Malvader Nest June 24th, 2016 The Gunbreak Cavern has been overrun by Malvader-type viruses. Lexicon tasks adventurers with clearing it out.
Unboxing a Golem June 22nd, 2016 Taro, Kari Wolf and Ferham head down to the dark holds medical bays to help No. 9 AKA GOLEM KING out of his healing pod.
Aggressive Surveying June 21st, 2016 Sephiroth conducts some drilling to search for sweet, sweet Mako and brings his merry band of confed agents and super criminals along for a picnic!
Of Physics and Philosophy June 21st, 2016 What happens when you mix science and spirituality? Xiaomu, Staren, and Sigrun find out.
Father's Day June 21st, 2016 Yunomi gets to play her out some pranks on her dad for post-father's day chicannery! Rated B for Boxes
Checking In June 20th, 2016 Kyra Hyral checks in on her Rebel friends, Juno Eclipse and Galen Marek
Spooky Action at a Distance June 19th, 2016 Rory geeks out. Will watches. It's a little awkward, but science gets done, so it's a net win.
The APOSTLE Initiative June 19th, 2016 With Eryl absent, it falls to contracted Elites to bring civilisation back to the world, starting with the ruins of Vancouver. No clowning around.
DOOM June 18th, 2016 Will faces his doom. HIS HEART IS IN PIECES.
Elimination: Urban Decay (3) June 18th, 2016 Efforts to remove the Unlit from the Urban Decay meet with continued success... And the access point for at least some of them is likewise located.
Not Child's Play June 18th, 2016 More problems and annoyances lie ahead for Toph when an unconventional person expresses a desire to learn from her.
See The Seaside June 17th, 2016 People visit Athela's homeland in Bayern.
Getting the Ley of the Land June 16th, 2016 Something bad is happening near Lazlo.
Suspicious Minds June 16th, 2016 What happens when a Tenno loses contact with their Ordis and is displaced by freaky Void incidents and can't find their Liset? We go out and find their Orbiter, that's what.
Introduction to Infinite Stratos (IS) June 15th, 2016 Members of the Union attend an open house of the IS Academy, for a chance to learn about them and to pilot one of the massed produced IS'.
Exploration: Grand Gallery (1) June 14th, 2016 An attempt to put an end to mimics creating mimics results in an encounter that no one expected.
IMPossible Sword Skills June 13th, 2016 Why must Original Skills be so hard?!
Mall Raid 1 June 12th, 2016 Shopping day at the mall!
The Great Gale Turkey Shoot June 12th, 2016 Turkeys on Tellus are serious business. THE KING IS DEAD. LONG LIVE THE KING.
Red Dust June 12th, 2016 Red Union comes to town.

Red Union take things from big company.

Red Union... working with White Fang?

The Library of Murdered Knowledge June 11th, 2016 A tower supposedly containing the sum total of all human knowledge is being explored. The explorers are not alone.
Skull and Crossbones June 11th, 2016 Preparation and planning for a fight against the ghost ship.
Testing the Hull Ripper June 10th, 2016 Allan has made a horrifying new toy, now someone just needs to test it...
Girls Go Shopping June 9th, 2016 Yuna and Kutsuuko go to the mall. No monsters, no bad guys, just a couple of girls out shopping.
The New Help June 7th, 2016 Janine has a new butler, by the name of Emily Branford. Certainly nothing unusual here.
This Will Be The Day June 6th, 2016 Vale will be hosting the Vytl Festival this time around. But before the event can begin, there are some missions that need doing, preparations to be made, and new Multiversal Huntsmen and Huntresses to inaugurate.
Covert Rendezvous June 5th, 2016 Yari seeks out the White Fang to offer the aid of the Red Union.

The representative gives her a mission.

Elimination: Urban Decay (2) June 4th, 2016 Further efforts are made to cleanse the Urban Decay of the Unlit that infest it.
Rock and Paper June 4th, 2016 Toph decides to search for metalbending students by entering a bending tournament... except she is stuck with a partner she doesn't much care for.
Dirge at Sunrise June 3rd, 2016 Goodnight moon.

This log is really unclean and will likely remain so. Sorry about that!

Enter the System June 3rd, 2016 A new world connects to the Cyber Core via a bullet train. What lies on the other side?
Fun With Elementals June 2nd, 2016 Luc and Sarah discuss the relative merits of elemental summons versus living creatures, and the benefits (and drawbacks) of zombies.
Human Resources Day Off( June 2nd, 2016 In which our vacationers learn to read the fine print on their contracts; or: In HR, vacation is just a euphemism for double pay work day.
Mecha Madness June 1st, 2016 Hitoshura responds to a call about a robot factory producing mavericks and finds... Ferham?
Stone Devils (1) June 1st, 2016 Count Kord and Ebon Ribbon are called upon to help keep Lumiere broken by their new allies.

Title Date Scene Summary
Fayt Is Dragooned July 31st, 2016 The Daedalus Initiative needs backers and Kotone goes to speak to Fayt about it. Let's be honest, given whom it is? It's going to end up being a dragooning.
tFSoK - The Hornet's Sting July 30th, 2016 TARGET DESTROYED
Alchemical Science July 29th, 2016 Aedan does some alchemical science in Skyloft's plaza, with a small audience of curious and skeptical Sheikah. Don't ever ask what's in the potions.
The Horses of Dun Realtai July 26th, 2016 Sir Bedivere shows Saber his plans to create a cavalry for Dun Realtai.
From The Depths July 25th, 2016 Drowned Ophelia steals the medical remains of Kotone. This results in the creation of Flesh Doll later.
Donuts on the Beach July 25th, 2016 On a trip to Beach City Toph meets Steven who's a bit confused. And so Toph decides he needs some sense knocked into his head.
Green Living July 24th, 2016 A Visit to Dun Realtai's greenhosue
Into the Breach July 24th, 2016 A recently-unified world lets slip some attempts at communication, involving trouble with something called a 'Breach' that the army is having difficulty handling. It seems some troop reinforcements were delayed, leaving the troops engaged in a bit of a lurch.
A Lizard Talks With A Cat July 24th, 2016 Ainsley comes over to talk with Staren.
Multiversal MegaMotor July 23rd, 2016 The annual Multiverse MegaMotor race is here! GOTTA GO FAST!
Blood Moon Waning July 21st, 2016 When a squad of Dragon-Bloods discover something ancient that was lost among the sands of the desert, and brag about it in the city of Chiaroscuro, something equally ancient and lost rises to hunt them down and keep secret the treasures of the sands.
If At First You Don't Succeed July 19th, 2016 Kazuko and Ren go on a picnic.
Prayer For The Refugees July 17th, 2016 Those rescued from the Wall of Cruel Customs have temporary refuge at the Church of Bleak Mercy. But where will they go from now on?
A Volcanic Rage July 17th, 2016 A village within an island has undergone strife due to their Guardian being enraged. One adventurer went to investigate the matter, joined with another traveler and a bit of opposition. What they learn about the Guardian is not as expected.
Pokemon at the Beach July 17th, 2016 A group visit the Pokemon World to document wild Pokemon.
Twilight Explains Social Stuff to a Robot July 17th, 2016 Staren goes to Twilight for advice after Yet Another Radio Blowup. Valentha comes along to help too.
Good Help's Hard to Find July 16th, 2016 Sir Bedivere negotiates with Eithne Sullivan to hire her on as castle staff for Dun Realtai.
Spear Sleepover July 15th, 2016 Priscilla then gets to know Svala a little.
PWTWM-An Acknowledged Threat-2 July 15th, 2016 Die Reisende has entered the Mirror Forest with no preparation and an abducted...person? With a sprawling dungeon in front of them, surely they'll find answers...or a trap.
Testing Grounds July 14th, 2016 Anne Blakely has a new construct, made differently from her others. She's running a test, and attracts some bad attention from the Union.
Quest: Great Poochooze July 14th, 2016 Poochooze are low-level viruses, most people can take care of them. This one isn't. Most people can't. Find it in the Duty Space and eliminate it.
FISTS OF LOVE July 14th, 2016 A couple of trouble-makers raise a rabble, while Yunomi takes a crushing blow from Rhaps and reminds her that unless it's part of a spell, words are mostly harmless.
Taking Initiative July 13th, 2016 Staren calls a meeting of Daedalus Initiative members to come up with ideas for initial projects.
Duel at Dun Realtai July 11th, 2016 Mordred and Sir Bedivere spar each other for honour, glory, and most impotantly of all, bragging rights.
= Occult Expedition July 11th, 2016 Mihk sent some Magic Ward Interns out to a desert library to get study material.

They never returned. So she's led a group of Elites to go find them.

Space Station Game July 10th, 2016 Kaiba organizes a game called Space Station, loosely inspired by Werewolf and Space Station 13. Several Elites join the game, trying to discover who the traitor is.
Interrogation July 9th, 2016 No. 9 and Taro attempt to tempt an Assassin with baked goods in exchange for a weapon. It almost works.
PWTWM-An Acknowledged Threat-1 July 8th, 2016 Die Reisende takes their investigation for the missing student into the real world, after finding a list of possible names. But things don't go remotely as planned...
Gems in Unexpected Places July 8th, 2016 Rose explores the Earth Kingdom and meets one of its most famous citizens.
Burning the Midnight Oil July 8th, 2016 Ferham seeks the help of John Rizzo, private detective to get to the bottom of a missing relic.
The Four Symbols of Knighthood - 1 July 7th, 2016 The quartet of sidequests begins, courtesy of the famous Knights of Gwyn.
Lost to Apathy July 7th, 2016 A chaos sorcerer meets the soul thrashing black sorceress. Undivided Chaos finds delight in the Brutal Lands
You were indicted July 6th, 2016 Priscilla meets Svala for the first time.
Roy's Bad Day July 5th, 2016 Thirteen sets out to silence a journalist. Things don't go well for her - or for the journalist - or for anyone, really!
4th of July Cookout July 4th, 2016 Bostong-666's traditional yearly 4th of July BBQ, done by Heaven or Hell.
A Matter of Spirit July 4th, 2016 Karal wants training in cutting spirits
1-on-1 IS training July 3rd, 2016 Visitors from the Union attend the IS Academy and are measured for possible IS suits if they decide to attend. Moreover, they are shown a demo of the fighting that could occur
Magical Revenge July 3rd, 2016 Sigrun Stem goes looking for Ferham and gets her in touch with her less than photogenic side!
Ye Olde Chase Scene July 2nd, 2016 Rescuing Athela and her courier from pursuing Team Golem cultists.
PWTWM-An Acknowledged Threat-Prologue July 1st, 2016 Someone has been abducted once more, not long after the last time. But when Die Reisende searches the Mirror Forest for the victim, they find themselves obstructed.
The Digi-Virus July 1st, 2016 Ferham assists Jedah with the creation of a bioweapon to use against Gaonoir. But what consequences will it have...?
Island's Got Booty! July 1st, 2016 To lure the Ghost Ship, our players have learned they need a certain item found only in Raid-level islands. Their heart and skill is put to the test as they fight through some of the toughest content available in Cutlasses and Cannons Online.

Title Date Scene Summary
Mudbaths August 31st, 2016 Nothing can defeat beauty. Not even time. Not even an apocalypse. Beauty shall remain when all else is gone. WARNING: FABULOUSITY WITHIN
The Airfield August 31st, 2016 Comrade Crush visits the airfield of one Isa Reichert, in the GLORIOUS MOTHERLAND.
Rock and Roses August 31st, 2016 Steven and Toph discover something while bending on the beach.
Chase of Last Century August 30th, 2016 One of Anne Blakely's old inventions goes on a rampage. Staren says the A word in front of Fate.
Autumn on the Lake August 30th, 2016 Luc and Sarah discuss apple pie, autumn, and whatever it is the restless Holy Kingdom of Harmonia's up to this time of year.
tFSoK-The Hawk's Eyes-2 August 29th, 2016 Gough finally gets to use his eyes for the first time in centuries.
Nymphentamine August 29th, 2016 Aborted scene to introduce Flesh Doll to a few Feds.
A Spider's Teatime August 28th, 2016 Rhapsody, Richard Stadler, Eclipse, Kirika and Rebound drift down into the Spider's Den to ask O-Hiko, an ancient Spider yokai, what she knows about the missing Izzet mage
The Black One August 28th, 2016 Merlin has a few words with Bedivere about Bedivere's ornery would-be steed. Bedivere gets much more than he ever bargained for.
Digging for Talent August 28th, 2016 Ziggy Grover runs a talent show to help Toph find metalbending students.

It goes about as well as a Ziggy-run event does.

tFSoK-The Lion's Pride-2 August 26th, 2016 Sinh the slumbering dragon is engaged and slain. Ornstein is pleased.
Lurking Beneath The Waves August 26th, 2016 Jasper meets with Ferham somewhere undah dah seeeaaa o/`
What Dreams August 26th, 2016 Merlin reaches out through dreams to an exhausted Yunomi Stadler, in order to find answers -- and is left with enigmas, more questions, and a tired fugitive on the run.
Dismantling Devotion August 25th, 2016 Aborted Attempt to corrupt Sigrun. The player decided to hold off until later.
Unexpected Adventure August 24th, 2016 Two rogues leave Sarracenia high and dry with their stolen loot!
Children of the Grave August 24th, 2016 Aborted Random Scene
The Guilds Meet August 24th, 2016 The Guilds meet.
For a Quest August 24th, 2016 Bedivere questions Saber on whether she truly wants to return to a mortal existence. If she does, he admits that he will do whatever it takes to find her and restore her.
The Raven in the Oak Tree August 23rd, 2016 Wisewoman Inga drops by Dun Realtai to deliver medicine to Bedivere, and finding the supposedly sick knight unable to sleep, knight and seer chat by the fireside.
The Beifong Metalbending Academy August 22nd, 2016 It's the grand opening of the Beifong Metalbending Academy!
In Out of the Cold August 22nd, 2016 A few offworld visitors descend upon Dun Realtai.
Yu and Mi August 21st, 2016 Rhapsody speaks with Yunomi's Kodama in Nivix.
Life Goes On August 21st, 2016 Ren and Tomoyo catch up, months after the fire.
Persona:WTWM - Black Coffee August 20th, 2016 The Majordomo of the Black Queen's Court makes an offer to some very useful people.
The Flying Dutchman (CCO) August 20th, 2016 Final confrontation with the Flying Dutchman, a supposedly-unbeatable encounter within the VR game.
A Challenge August 20th, 2016 Nero drops in on an ill Bedivere, to brighten his day with the glory of Rome.
Exploration: Pristine Plagueway August 19th, 2016 The Wall of Cruel Customs falls, explorers proceed, they meet :D on the way.
THE GRAND PRESENTATION August 19th, 2016 Yunomi officially unveils the Mana Nexus! AND NOTHING BAD -- everything bad happens. A coup, betrayal, fighting -- and pain, so much pain.
All the King's Men August 18th, 2016 Sir Bedivere plays a game of chess with Merlin, the only native of Camelot who could beat him at the game.
TINDER: Kaeruhime's Shrine August 16th, 2016 Rhapsody, Yang Xiao Long and Kirika investigate the Grotto Shrine in Namamura, to try and determine why the Shrines could not connect ... and discover a murder.
Tinder - The Start Up August 15th, 2016 The Test Start Up! A Catered event where a few select members attending can witness the birth of a new era in Ravnica as a test start up for the Mana Nexus occurs -- AND NOTHING COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG.
A Knightly Audience August 14th, 2016 The folk of Dun Realtai meet their newest resident, rescued from the wreckage of the Chaldea Security Organisation.
Pokemon Hatching Marathon August 14th, 2016 A fun little scene where people try to hatch Pokemon Eggs.
Hikari Seaport Test August 13th, 2016 What will happen when a new unit is shown that has not been seen by anyone except for a select few that is available to Nagato and possibly others at a future date?
Persona:WTWM - Feeding Frenzy August 12th, 2016 DYNASTY WARRIORS, PERSONA EDITION! People wander into the Mirror Forest at a carnival, requiring Die Reisende to fight a Shadow onslaught, close the open mirrors, and find any clues possible!
A Fanboy and his Blobby Robot Arrives August 11th, 2016 Hiro Hamada decides to get an audience with Tony Stark, but runs into some hitches before he catches a break.
Missing Links August 11th, 2016 The Union has finally tracked down Anne Blakely, and cornered her at her shop, where she reveals the final kidnappee's fate.
S.O.S. In The Snow August 10th, 2016 A small distance from Dun Realtai, out in the Tundra, a sudden explosion sends ripples through reality itself as something large apparently displaces itself into the area and then crashes down. An S.O.S. signal broadcasts, signed Chaldea Security Organization.
Is it Really OK to go to a Public Restaurant When You're Sick August 10th, 2016 Dealing with sentient viruses, talking about current events, eating pizza and drinking orange juice in a futuristic hole-in-the-wall eatery. Just another morning in the multiverse, really.
tFSoK - The Wolf's Trail August 9th, 2016 Curse experts examine a legendary sword.
Persona:WTWM - And This Little Piggy August 9th, 2016 Ainsley 'chats' with the Pig, and learns some interesting things about his personality. The group finds an odd pair of Shadows, and August almost gets eaten by a vampire tree.
Into the Wilds August 9th, 2016 Sir Bedivere offers John Rizzo instruction in the bow, and a short history of Dun Realtai.
tFSoK - The Lion's Pride-1 August 8th, 2016 Would-be dragonslayers explore the depths of the Shulva chasm.
A Song of Wolves and Ursa August 8th, 2016 Grimm are attacking en masse. The outer perimeter cannot hold them all back while keeping the majority at bay.

So the B-Team is being called in to pick up the slack.

Rat Catchers August 8th, 2016 Shinki and friends perform an extermination service on a run-down piece of property.
Eurobeat in the Velvet Room August 7th, 2016 The Velvet Room extends temporary contracts to off-worlders, so they may meet the long-nosed Igor and his lovely assistant Agatha.
A Gift of Horses August 7th, 2016 Sir Bedivere presents Wisewoman Inga with a steed of her own.
Fateful Discussion August 6th, 2016 Fate comes to talk Zephyr out of her slump.
The Awen August 6th, 2016 Inga happens upon Bedivere in the courtyard and experiences a vision of his past; the two then talk about the "awen," the mysterious gift of far-seeing prevalent in both their cultures.
Shaping Steel August 3rd, 2016 At Sir Bedivere's request, Toph Beifong visits Dun Realtai to repair a suit of armour.
tFSoK - The Hawk's Eyes August 2nd, 2016 Gough has his first medical checkup ever.
Striking Ore - Foundations August 2nd, 2016 Ziggy and Toph work on clearing up what will become the Beifong Metalbending Academy. Eventually.
The Glory of Rome August 1st, 2016 Nero visits Sir Bedivere at his behest, along with a few other recurring friends and residents.
Smuggle Me This August 1st, 2016 When Transporting Undisclosed Cargo Goes Wrong...
Testing Limits August 1st, 2016 Sir Bedivere invites Eithne Sullivan to a sparring match, to gauge where to begin in teaching her swordplay, and gets more than he bargained for.

Title Date Scene Summary
What is Lost: Space Hulk September 30th, 2016 The team arrives at the station where the exchange for CEO Doyle Sister was but our team runs into something dark. Humans who wish to become something other than Human have dark plans for escaping into the multiverse and Firewall also has taken notice.
Walk On Water September 30th, 2016 Ophelia tries to tempt Inga into the water.
Princess in 'Trouble' September 28th, 2016 Sarracenia sets up another one of her hero traps
Nicky visits Sundew Castle September 27th, 2016 A thief tries to make off with royal treasures!
Season of Pain 2 - War Pigs September 27th, 2016 Season of Pain 2 - The Final Battle. Drowning Doom arrives on the Commonwealth to finish what the bombs didn't; The death of all life. Via DEATH CLAWS.
Digital Fleet Ops: Battle Royale September 27th, 2016 Alden asked to spar with some of the Hikari Combined Fleet.

Yamashiro and Chitose agreed to face him and a companion.

Apples and Cordwood September 26th, 2016 Sir Bedivere pays a visit to Wisewoman Inga to split some logs for her. And also investigate rumours of apple pie.
Rough Awakenings September 26th, 2016 Luc and Sarah discuss matters relating to magic, travel, and other things.
Contract of the God's Forge September 25th, 2016 Andre and the Giant Smith meet. The hunt for weapon upgrades begins.
Season of Pain 2 - I Had An Angel September 23rd, 2016 Season of Pain 2 - The Drowning Doom looks to show cyborgs who shed their flesh what isolation really means. A 'Altered Perception Virus' is propagating through Tokyo thanks to a combination of techy and death metal magic; One that removes all sight and sound of any other human, leaving one lost and alone in a world of ghosts. Can the heroes halt it before someone gets seriously hurt?
Though She May Be Old and Worn September 22nd, 2016 Bedivere asks for Amalthea's help in an endeavour he's planning.
Grief, Misery, and All The Happy Things September 21st, 2016 Steven Universe is visited by a spectre of Sorrow
In The Forgotten Halls September 21st, 2016 Aborted Scene - An Eldar and a Death Metal Queen stumble across one another.
Circles Within Circles September 21st, 2016 Sarah invites a friend and an acquaintance to visit the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia.
Lazy Afternoon September 21st, 2016 A few guests and residents of Dun Realtai meet on an autumn afternoon.
A Huntress and a God Eater walk into a gymnasium. September 20th, 2016 What it says on the tin.

Kutsuuko makes a visit to Beacon to have a chatter with Yang.

Worlds are tangentially compared, differences explained and commonalities discovered. The beginnings of a beautiful friendship, forged in the heat of battles to come.

Persona:WTWM FA4 - A Lesson on Bravery September 19th, 2016 The fourth and final day of the School Festival Arc. A fateful encounter.
Persona:WTWM FA3 - Operatic September 18th, 2016 Day 3 of the School Festival Arc! Hangovers, drama, and the true introduction of a new role.
Visiting the Village September 18th, 2016 When Rhapsody visits the village below Dun Realtai, she's able to release some pent up emotions. While doing so, a new, yet familiar, visitor arrives.
Persona:WTWM FA2 - Hit the Shack September 17th, 2016 Day 2 of the School Festival Arc! The adventures of the pizza guy! Also beer, poker, catgirls, the return of the King's Game, and a startling revelation about the White Pig.
CoH Issue September 17th, 2016 The Rularuu begin their invasion in earnest, and one of the invasion points is Skyway City. Freeway traffic over inhabited buildings being interrupted by monsters is a recipe for disaster!
FATE: Adventures in Throatslitting September 17th, 2016 A small band of Offworlders braves a dark cave to assault a bad anarchist who's called The Slitter. Not Lewd.
Persona:WTWM FA1 - A Bunch of Fools September 16th, 2016 Day 1 of the School Festival Arc! Pasta, teriyaki, and fortune telling!
So Frail September 16th, 2016 Season of Pain 2 - The Drowning Doom invade a world already on the brink, haunted by the ghosts of ancient terrors. Drowned Ophelia will awaken these monstrosities, and set them loose on an unsuspecting world - until some heroes show up to stop her.
Invaders From Beyond September 16th, 2016 Heroes respond to a mystical disturbance... And face interdimensional invaders!
The Way of the Everlasting Dragon September 14th, 2016 The mendicant warrior-ascetics of the cult of the Everlasting Dragons show up on Anor Londo's doorstep. A disaster is narrowly averted when a dragon-ish idol shows up to demand a stage performance instead.
At The Edge Of Grief September 14th, 2016 Drowned Ophelia hurts herself to draw out her miserable inspirations. Inga shows up, and others follow. Keep your mercy to yourself!
Mountain of Light September 13th, 2016 After the criminal auction months ago, Alice enlists Ren's help to find the place the gem came from.
The Namamura District September 12th, 2016 The Guildless assault the Namamura district and allies of the Izzet move to defend.
Exploration: Guillotine Square (1) September 11th, 2016 The sewer level. It is awful. Also, mysterious Lanterns try to kidnap the :D.
The APOSTLE Initiative: New Tomainia September 11th, 2016 In the remains of British Columbia University, only Nazis remain.
The Apostasy Canticle September 9th, 2016 Drowned Ophelia visits the medical ward to get Flesh Doll stitched back together. Bad Touch!
Dream Walking September 9th, 2016 While sleeping since her encounter with Yunomi, Rhapsody gets an unexpected visitor.
At the Edge of Ruin September 8th, 2016 Those looking for Yunomi finally find her....
Go Into The Water September 8th, 2016 Season of Pain 2 - The Drowning Doom try to awaken the forgotten dead and drive the warmth of the living from this cruel world.
The System Tower September 8th, 2016 The System Tower is located in Britannica. The lure of treasures and knowledge of Drives long past is bound to draw dungeon crawlers from all over the System-- And Beyond.
The Slug Moor September 7th, 2016 An exploration of the swamp turns terrifying.
Debt Unpaid September 7th, 2016 Arturia Pendragon takes the opportunity to meet the Black One, Bedivere's pooka steed, and bargain for the creature's help with a project.
It's Not Good to Be Alone September 6th, 2016 Rhapsody has been holed up ever since the one-sided press conference the night before. Yuna decides that isn't a good thing, and after convincing Rhapsody via radio, drops by for a private visit.
Autumn Light September 6th, 2016 Several residents of Dun Realtai get together on a clear autumn evening.
Persona:WTWM - Old Man Turtle September 5th, 2016 Ainsley summons her newfound Persona for the very first time.
Band Aid September 5th, 2016 Ainsley finds Ren after the event in the Mirror Forest and fills him in on what happened while he was asleep, the lazy get.
tFSoK-The Wolf's Trail-2 September 4th, 2016 The curse is broken. The quad scaling greatsword of legend returns.
Snake in the Grass September 4th, 2016 Ijiwaru has Rhapsody cornered -- to defend her dedicated tanuki, or her father's legacy?
Persona: WTWM - The Inquisitor September 3rd, 2016 Ainsley has been taken by the Piper. A team is mobilized to enter the Cathedral of Lies to save her from her own Shadow.
Persona:WTWM - Long Live The King September 2nd, 2016 Everyone's <insert opinion here> tank-wearing cat returns! He has an offer to make, and helps the group start a catfight. Featuring a musical guest!
What is lost: The Stranger September 2nd, 2016 A Hyper Corp CEO named Debra Doyle comes to the Daedalus Initiative about a job to recover her long missing twin sister and offers a payment in mapping data for the work.
The Devil's In the Details September 2nd, 2016 Bedivere returns a potential clue for finding Yunomi's whereabouts to Rhapsody.
Persona:WTWM - The Winds of Time September 1st, 2016 The school nurse and the school therapist turn out to not be inconsequential at all! A Shadow bent on a strange ideal of Law and Order attacks a brave hero, who does not resemble any mascots at all!
Persona:WTWM - The Doctor Is In September 1st, 2016 August visits the school nurse, and is in turn brought to the school therapist. Obviously these are inconsequential characters!
Hiding in Pain Sight September 1st, 2016 Yunomi is no longer in Ravnica -- a group of investigative adventurers search SYDNEY, NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA for a sign of the missing mage.

Title Date Scene Summary
Hallowed Estate October 31st, 2016 A vision of the past is brought to the present, and Elite party-goers use this opportunity to learn more about the Lumiere of the past.
A Lost Gem October 31st, 2016 Golden Topaz gets very lost in the Multiverse and ends up in a world where humans are undergoing rapid and radical change and he runs smack into Kotone Yamakawa.
PWTWM: The Wolf of Samhain October 31st, 2016 On the night of Halloween, Fear stalks through the Mirror Forest. Several heroes move to rescue a kid from the Pale Wolf, the embodiment of Fear, but find themselves fighting their own inner nightmares. With Special Guest Stars!
Party at Frightmare Manor October 30th, 2016 The subtitle of this scene is NIGHT OF THE LIVING COSTUMES!
Mission 3: Calamity of Land and Sea October 29th, 2016 The 1707 Houei earthquake was the most powerful quake recorded in Japanese history; seismologists refer to it as a 'megathrust' earthquake, with multiple sections of an undersea faultline erupting almost simultaneously. Between the earthquake itself and the ensuing tsunami, it affected most of the main islands of Japan, and is additionally suspected of triggering the last known eruption of Mt. Fuji.

But the legendary youkai Nurarihyon doesn't really care about ancient history. He's taken over a fairly luxurious estate in Wakayama, and a bunch of Ouma's members have been spotted in the area as well. They're looking for something, not just on land but underwater ... specifically, another fragment of the Killing Stone.

Of course Shinra is going to get involved - if only because Nurarihyon is a jerk who takes over people's houses, but they can't let Ouma get another piece of the Killing Stone, either. And naturally, both sides will likely want whatever help they can get from the Confederacy and the Union, respectively ...

An Unconscious Bond October 28th, 2016 Janine finally awakes, to find her faithful butler by her side.
Contract of the God's Forge - Divine October 28th, 2016 The entire Catacombs are aggro'd at once. Heroes discover the final smith in the trio. His focus is spoiled.
The Sweet Laughter of Children (1) October 27th, 2016 Children go missing. They turn up in the Park. Nothing good happens. (TSW Halloween 2016)
Mob Rules October 26th, 2016 Forgotten Ophelia follows her feet, and winds up next to Staren. And then comes Inga and Ainsley.
Heaven Laid In Tears October 25th, 2016 Operation FOO goes into effect.

Ophelia gets curb stomped.

Out of the Way October 23rd, 2016 O-Hiko's domain is attacked and the Izzet allies move to defend... and get help from someone they don't see..
P:WtWM - To Face Courage October 21st, 2016 The Red Woodsman proves conclusively he is not to be trifled with.
System Tower Floor 31: 5 Hours At Patty's October 20th, 2016 The System Tower returns to Britannica with a super creepy floor, just in time for Halloween.
Storytellers October 19th, 2016 A brief discussion of what Golden's next move is.
Superconductor Blues October 19th, 2016 Stealing superconductors is never easy when elites are involved.
Operation: Crystal Serpent October 17th, 2016 UFO fall down, go boom.

Elites and XCOM make the aliens inside go boom too.

No One by My Side October 17th, 2016 Ophelia goes to visit an old friend

They sit down for a nice chat, some tea, and crumpets!

$%@& no, what do you think happens?

Contract of the Gods' Forge - Crystal October 16th, 2016 The darkest depths of Seath's basement are explored. The living failures are found, as is the shiny shiny.
Fright Factory - The Machine Queen October 16th, 2016 Epic Boss Battle versus Tesla... and the Factory itself??
The Rabbit and Fox in Eden October 16th, 2016 Mitsu and Camilla descend into the bunkers below Eden on the hunt for Lily Cooper. Someone unexpected awaits them.
A Lovers' Spat October 16th, 2016 Sakura is upset at Li and a fight occurs, albeit in the appropriate place in Njorun. Li just doesn't get it. At some time she gets less upset, but he remains as clueless. And then everyone goes for ice cream. Even the spectators.
Building A Better Deathtrap October 15th, 2016 Attempts to build a community for the civilian Lanterns in Lumiere run face first into an obstacle known as the Stone Devils.
Mission 2: The Forest of Death October 15th, 2016 Aokigahara, a dense forest at the foot of Mt. Fuji's northwest slopes, is either famous or infamous for the number of suicides which are carried out there. Some people go so far as to say that the forest is haunted by the spirits of those who die there - whether by taking their own lives, or as a result of murder.

And not all of the killers roaming Aokigahara are ghostly, or even of human origin. Ouma is scouring the Forest of Death for the second fragment of the Killing Stone, and they're calling in assistance from the Confederacy to boot; Shinra's agents can't deal with the combination alone, so they've requested Union support.

Who will find the second piece of the Killing Stone ... and who will fall in the search for it?

The Easy Way To Meguca October 15th, 2016 A raid on a magical research facility turns into a pilot for a new anime! STAR GUARDIAN! TRANSFORM!
While We Sleep October 15th, 2016 Karian and Ophelia sit down for a relaxing chat over their respective differences.

And then they threaten to kill each other. Guest Appearance by: Kotone

Good Morning, Cr- Li October 14th, 2016 You've got to keep sharp. Ren and Li have a morning chat.
Chaos in Bevelle October 13th, 2016 Bevelle is attacked by an army and two powerful warriors!
Winterfield's Secret October 13th, 2016 The true investigation into the origins of Anne Blakely begins in a sleepy, snowy little town, in the aftermath of a horror movie.
Stone Devils Cometh October 12th, 2016 Temporal shenanigans involve a subway that recursively repeats temporal shenanigans that involve a subway that recursively repeats temporal shenanigans that involve a subway that recursively repeats temporal shenanigans that...
An Unlikely Student October 12th, 2016 When the gems stop by the Beifong metalbending academy Peridot learns something new about herself to everybody's amazement.
Fright Factory - The Killing Floor October 11th, 2016 Three heroes endure the Killing Floor and the monster lurking there.
Plans for Petals October 11th, 2016 Syaoran finally returns to Tomoeda!
The House in the Dark October 10th, 2016 The third lab of Yunomi is located near the Golgari Guild Gate...
Operation: Black Ring October 10th, 2016 XCOM deploy to extract a Council scientist.

Turns out to be a blast from the past for the Resistance chief scientist.

Leve: Fry Me A River ft. N'raha and Yuuki October 10th, 2016 Yuuki has an unexpected guest in ALO, as Mr. N'raha crashes in to do some Fishing and conversing with a fellow adventurer.
Spirit Crusher October 10th, 2016 Drowned Ophelia had stolen a man from the XCOM Commander. Now that man is coming home - changed.
Of Grimm and Warring Lords October 9th, 2016 The Grimm are an implacable force. They have no allegiance, no fear nor morals.

A band of Heroes, rag tag and hastily formed, come to protect the town of Caerleon and aid its young King.

Cemetary Gate October 9th, 2016 Drowned Ophelia is going to save Inga from her Gods - by drowning her in the Sea of Black Tears, and claiming her forever after for the Dead Gods of Metal.

Some heroes raise objections in a sensible and violent manner.

P:WTWM - Training Excursion October 8th, 2016 Die Reisende trains for their battle with the Red Woodsman, which they are horribly unprepared for. They investigate an odd keep in the Forest, and find something incredibly eerie.
Mission 1: The Nine Tails' Curse October 8th, 2016 The Nasu region of Tochigi Prefecture is primarily known for two things. For most people, it's renowned for its natural sulfur hot springs, and that's what brings Reiji, Xiaomu, and some of their Union friends to the region - a hot-springs trip that's been long in the planning, and forestalled by many of the crises they've had to help deal with.

But Nasu is also where Tamamo-no-Mae was finally hunted down and killed ... and when her body became the Sessho-Seki, the Killing Stone, her curse lingered for many years, as the stone took the lives of those mortals who touched it. Eventually the Stone was destroyed and the curse lifted - but Ouma has discovered that there's still a piece of it there: the first piece they need if they're going to resurrect that ancient and deadly curse.

Fright Factory October 7th, 2016 Ominous factory investigating turns into Night of the Living Memes.
An (Un)friendly Visit October 6th, 2016 Drowned Ophelia continues to poison Steven Universe.
Contact: Hookcloaks (1) October 5th, 2016 Oh my god what the hell is this horrific [spoiler]
The Butchery October 5th, 2016 Exploration and investigation of "The Butchery" Yunomi's second lab
The Strength of a Warrior's Fist lay in their Heart. October 3rd, 2016 Fist Fly and Friendship forms in this fast, furious fusillade of fisticuffs.
The Forest Below October 2nd, 2016 The various notebooks recovered from THE REDFERN FLAT and from Rhapsody's meeting with IJIWARU have been translated! Coded notes from Yunomi's personal studies, secreted away from the Izzet and prying Magic-Eater eyes both outlining not only the plans for the Mana Nexus's components and the Mana Vine network planned to cover much of the city of Ravnica -- both above, and below. The notebooks pointed to several locations within Ravnica, possible secret labs of the tanuki's work. The first of these was called The Underground Forest, and it is true to its name.
Uninvited Guest October 2nd, 2016 The new Gem in town, Jet Black, makes an unwelcome visit to taunt the Crystal Gems, Lapis, and Peridot.
Mission 0: Yo Ro Shi Ku October 1st, 2016 It's been over a year and a half since Tokyo-52605 Unified, and Ouma is finally reaching out to the Confederacy. An invitation has been sent by Ouma; in response, a number of Confederate representatives have gone to a meeting of Ouma's members, to make introductions and work out the beginnings of a working relationship ...
New and Old, Two Worlds Collide October 1st, 2016 When Old meets New.

Title Date Scene Summary
Requiem for a Corporation November 28th, 2016 In the interest of acquiring more information on elements of Alexis Maaka's home world, Heinkel Wolfe calls the mercenary to Rome to discuss an upcoming operation with her.
Imperial March November 26th, 2016 Iskandria marches on the Frontier. In one such battlefield, someone has sent up a call for help! Elites arrive to fight back the horde, but battle is also joined by a messenger from the heavens. Enter the Hero.
CC-SJ-2 Imperial March November 26th, 2016 Testing
Operation: Crimson Vengeance November 26th, 2016 Sometimes, people do things that are rather stupid.

Sometimes, those people get what's coming to them much sooner than expected.

Council Mission: Interception.

It Came from the Pond November 24th, 2016 {{{Synopsis}}}
Homecoming November 22nd, 2016 Neva goes home, with Yang for morale support.
Mission 5: Bargaining Chip November 21st, 2016 Ouma's plot to reassemble the Killing Stone and unleash its power has been thwarted, and three of the four fragments are now in Shinra's safekeeping. But Ouma's erstwhile allies in the Confederacy stole away the fourth fragment - and as long as it's out there, any attempts Shinra makes to exorcise the ancient curse and purify the fragments are subject to fail. They need the fourth piece ...

But the Confederates have their own plans to enact before they're ready to give back what they see as a potentially useful weapon.

Tin Street Meetup. November 20th, 2016 Rhapsody confronts Neva about possibly running away from the Izzet League.
The Mystery of the Denali Cabin November 18th, 2016 Eryl summons people to a hidden bunker on Denali. A peek behind the curtain of the Before Times begins.
A Werewolf (Back) In Boston November 18th, 2016 The prodigal gun-toting priest comes home to the Heaven or Hell Tower in Boston.
On Swords November 18th, 2016 Let's talk about swords. But let's really talk about past lives.
SPACESHIP! November 17th, 2016 Staren invites people to his ship. Sokka falls in love with future technology immediately.
System Tower, Floor 40 November 17th, 2016 The tower dungeon returns to Britannica.
Deck Work on Bikanel Island November 15th, 2016 Neva and Yang go to Bikanel Island on Spira to train in an empty desert near Home.
The Halo November 15th, 2016 The allies of the Izzet defend the Nexus.. and then a miracle.
A Late Night Dinner Party November 15th, 2016 It's another meet and greet at the Bar and Grill as Sokka discusses important topics like cons, love and boomerangs.
Bump in the Night November 15th, 2016 Iscariot dispatches Heinkel Wolfe to a small town in Ireland to clean up a ghoul infestation, and she calls in some multiversal help from Alexis Maaka.
Bunker Hill November 13th, 2016 Will invites some friends on an adventure. They find the remains of a long-dead civilization, terrible revelations, and a new light in the darkness.
CC-SJ-1 Bunker Hill November 13th, 2016 Will invites some friends on an adventure. They find the remains of a long-dead civilization, terrible revelations, and a new light in the darkness.
CC-SJ-1: Bunker Hill November 13th, 2016 Will invites some friends on an adventure. They find the remains of a long-dead civilization, terrible revelations, and a new light in the darkness.
A match for the ages November 12th, 2016 Tomoyo and Li spar. It ends predictably.
The Puppet War November 11th, 2016 A newly-crafted kugutsu is about to awaken, and as usual the War Bride starts... a war. This time, others are curious.
Schism of the Waning Moon November 11th, 2016 In the wake of Gwyndolin's death, and that of the lovelorn Lady Darkling, the diehard Darkmoon Blades splinter in a faction concerned with only one thing: revenge against the Multiverse that has taken everything from them.
Contract of the Gods' Forge - Titanite November 9th, 2016 Pursuant of the legendary titanite slabs, opening the vault gets the would-be retrieval team more than they bargained for.
The Morningstar November 8th, 2016 Drowned Ophelia has woken once more - and looks to begin anew, planting the seeds of the next Season of Pain.

Also involves children's toys.

The Nexus - Finale I November 7th, 2016 Ijiwaru claims he's captured Yunomi and intends to turn her over at the Mana Nexus...
One Bizarre Bar Joke November 7th, 2016 A space cop, a priest, and a talking sword walk into a bar...
Urban Mythos November 7th, 2016 ...or, A Talk With The Bogeyman. TSW Halloween 2016, final(?) part.
Radio, active. November 6th, 2016 Corona, Rhapsody, Ryxinel, and the Izzet League gather for Thianel's reactivation.
P:WTWM - The Most Dangerous Game November 5th, 2016 A fateful encounter. End of Act One. The sun shines in the rain, as Die Reisende faces off with The Huntsman for the final time.
Mission 4: The Hour When Demons Pursue November 5th, 2016 The struggle for the pieces of the Sessho-Seki, the legendary Killing Stone, has reached its climax. Three of the pieces have been found; the fourth is somewhere in Tokyo.

And so is Ouma's target for the Killing Stone's use.

Shinra needs all four pieces in order to neutralize Tamamo-no-Mae's ancient and deadly curse; Ouma just needs to bring them all together outside Shinra's control.

What forces will be unleashed in the streets of Tokyo, and who will carry the day?

The Sweet Laughter of Children (2) November 4th, 2016 TSW Halloween 2016, part 2.
A Fair Bit of Weather November 3rd, 2016 Saber, Sir Bedivere, and Inga enjoy a brief Indian summer in Dun Realtai.
Motion in the Ocean November 3rd, 2016 When giant monsters attack Japan, they send a giant robot to fight it. So what does Korea do when a giant monster attacks? Lots of little robots, apparently.
A Personnel Attack! November 2nd, 2016 The Namamura District is assaulted by the Guildless again... with Dimir skulking about as well.
Samhain in Dun Realtai November 1st, 2016 The various denizens of Dun Realtai celebrate Samhain.

Title Date Scene Summary
Bushin - N'raha December 31st, 2016 Setsuko comes to give N'raha one last goodbye.
Some hard hits December 31st, 2016 Toph and Sokka have a training match! And then Eve showed up and... well, Sokka had a little talk with the young, love struck maiden.
P:WtWM - School Daze December 31st, 2016 Die Reisende meets with Alexis Eberhardt and Johnny Bridgeston, the two Drachenblatt students they rescued from the Forest.
Fade-ing Memories December 31st, 2016 The Soft Expanse is a bit of a weird place. This time some of Thedas's weirdness intrudes, for a brief period of time. Adventurers are, thankfully, there when the fecal matter impacts the ventilation system, and so can clean it up.
A Favour Repaid December 30th, 2016 Usually one might think that Tony Stark is the wrong person to ask for help regarding romance.
3 am December 29th, 2016 Three Paladins find themselves in the Bar and Grill for late night food and talk.
Building Bridges December 29th, 2016 Heinkel Wolfe meets with Seras Victoria in a London coffee shop. It's a great opportunity to deliver a few reports, and also for each to learn a little something about the other.
Book Ratturn December 29th, 2016 Skaven attack the Library of Exclamation, a sacred place to Inconsequentia, Goddess of Sidequests. People object.
The Best That's Ever Been December 28th, 2016 The Watch Gets Swamped but At Least the Music Ain't Bad.
To Find a Home December 28th, 2016 The GU heads out to clean out an castle in the quilt in the hopes of turning it into a home.
ICoT: The Welcoming Committee December 28th, 2016 The Kid leads everyone on the final Core hunt, which goes without a hitch. But what happens when they return to the Bastion is far more concerning.
Multiverse Career Day December 27th, 2016 Tomoyo sets up a career day for new factions and groups! Come one and all to learn about where you might fit in the new Multiverse!
A cold dip December 24th, 2016 Toph hangs by the pool and Sokka drags her in for a swim. Her own fault, really.
Party Time December 24th, 2016 Yari Takane hosts an End of the Multiverse Party. No one dies. Boats sing and get drunk
Greenhouse 73 December 24th, 2016 Heinkel Wolfe travels to Ad Coelum to meet with Na`Sabal-Une Fang for a meal and some gardening.
The Nature of Darkness December 23rd, 2016 After the Multiversal reordering, the fall of the Super Factions, and many other changes, a return to Lumiere occurs to decide what to do about the Stone Devils.
Wang Fire's flaming game December 23rd, 2016 Wang Fire's first table top game! Can the group work together long enough to save some poor town? Probably not! But tune in to find out!
A Matter of Morale December 23rd, 2016 Several Paladins converge on Ferdinand Luke's orphanage to hand out some Christmas cheer. They're met by Heinkel Wolfe.
Operation: Rathuum (2) December 22nd, 2016 Rathuum Phase 2: in which the group discovers Kela does not take loss easily, and the Grineer are respawning bastards.
Border Crossing December 21st, 2016 Will and friends try to cross into Iskandria. The Iron Church attempts to hold a peace conference, but someone thinks it's wise to drive an airship into the fortress instead. Victor Xix gets political cred, Mel Brock hurls a bunch of ragtag adventurers into a monster-infested swamp.
Against the Unliving December 21st, 2016 Vatican Section XIII investigates a region of the Austrian Alps that has been hit by a ghoul infestation, and brings along multiversal allies for the ride.
Gaoling to see the Folks December 21st, 2016 Toph drags Sokka and Tony with her to Gaoling to check up on her parents after the whole multiverse went funky.
League Requisition: Shinki CMS December 20th, 2016 The League pulls off a heist of shinki CMS slated to be wiped clean.
Studying hijinks December 19th, 2016 Toph and Sokka study! Sadly, Sokka may be book smart, but he's still oblivious.
Speed of Justice December 18th, 2016 The Paladins investigate a biker gang speeding dangerously through a highway, and find themselves facing a difficult problem apprehending the leader.
Paladins for the Ethical Treatment of Animals December 18th, 2016 Eryl leads a raid on a mysterious cabin in which trade on rare furs is being conducted. Legality ensues.
Catching Up Again December 18th, 2016 Catching up between Pokemon and Digimon
A-party-lypse December 18th, 2016 It's the end of the Multiverse as we know it, and the Red Union not only feels fine, it's partying!
The Space Wolves December 17th, 2016 Heinkel Wolfe meets with Karian Icefang to discuss, in brief, her world's persistent problem of cheap knockoff vampires.
Critical Failures December 16th, 2016 Amalthea teaches the new members of The Proving Grounds two valuable lessons. Always play by the rules. And never trust your Dungeon Master.
Meet the Boss December 15th, 2016 Claire meets the boss and receives a very special mission.
Progressing into the Fordidden Forest December 15th, 2016 The League wants to study an artifact that they can't get their hands on legally. The Paladins are there to frown at them and say no.
The ignorant leading the blind December 15th, 2016 Sokka and Toph study together. Toph explains some math, Sokka gives her a gift, a few people get high blood sugar.
Visitation December 15th, 2016 Sir Gawain visits Heinkel Wolfe in the hospital.
System Tower, Floor 44: Saving Christmas December 15th, 2016 The System Tower returns to Britannica in time for Christmas.
The Big Bad Wolves December 15th, 2016 Bigby Wolf requests a word with Heinkel Wolfe. The irony of the latter's name is not a fact that escapes its owner.
Damocles Released December 15th, 2016 Harry Dresden is double conscripted into being a double cop, is very confused about it.
Water Cooler Chat December 14th, 2016 Lloyd and Toph discuss the role of the Paladins and other things. Someone ends up floored.
Chevaliers December 14th, 2016 A meeting of Paladins in Hellsing-1 Earth.
No Brakes! December 13th, 2016 Remnant didn't get away unscathed by the Multiversal Grand WTF.

A section of Wall fell in Vale, and Grimm began flooding in, seeking blood and fear.

An unlikely band of heroes, and the unlikely alliance between the White Fang and City Security, helped drive the monsters back, so that rebuilding can now begin.

Uneasy Alliances December 12th, 2016 Heinkel Wolfe of Vatican Section XIII meets with Seras Victoria of the Hellsing Organisation. This can't possibly end badly.
Justice is blind. But still a snarky little brat. December 12th, 2016 Sokka and Toph wake up, decide to clean up a bit, then the group meets up with her parents for dinner. Some weird guests arrive and convince Toph to be a cop, leading to her great destiny as mistress of justice! Oh, and Sokka joins too.
Paladin December 11th, 2016 A trip to the forest does not go as planned. The legacy of an ancient catastrophe is brought to life- Cabrashel the Herald of Fertile Earth. Marchosiel states his intent.
Rough Mornings December 11th, 2016 Toph and Sokka wake up after being rescued, only to find the multiverse having a worse time than they did.
Hokkaido Heist December 10th, 2016 From a watery insertion to an intense indoor assault, Maaka and a team of assorted specialists infiltrate an R&D compound in the subarctic mountains of Hokkaido. Many cyborgs and droids get trashed, and valuable prototypes and data get raided with glee.
Southern Hospitality Part 3 December 10th, 2016 As the mission nears its conclusion Toph, Sokka and Sarah work on getting the Fire Nation ship out of the ice. Except things don't work out as planned, of course.
Southern Hospitality Part 2 December 9th, 2016 Today's activity at the South Pole is fishing. Both for fish and for info.
Southern Hospitality Part 1 December 8th, 2016 It's the first day of the expedition to the South Pole!
Commander Boomerang Goes to Malibu December 7th, 2016 Tony gets a new fanboy when Toph drags her best friend to Malibu.
The Ancient Grudge: Trench Warfare Edition December 6th, 2016 Heinkel Wolfe visits Castle Rozenbach, introductions are made, tempers flare but the departure is peaceful.
It is in passing that we achieve. December 6th, 2016 Yang unlocks Neva's Aura.

It goes about as well as you'd expect.

P:WtWM - The False Raid December 4th, 2016 Janine's plan to completely clear August's name is put into effect. It may not have gone off without any hitches.
Several Blows December 4th, 2016 Toph takes charge when Sokka needs to go to medical and also when he needs some sense knocked back into his head.
Tomb Blaster December 4th, 2016 -<OOC>- Li Syaoran says, "I like to imagine at one point in that, ren and li had to hug. And li was like 'I will kill you later.'"

-<OOC>- Ren Tanaka says, "As the credits for today's episode roll, there's probably snapshots of things like that that happened during the day, yeah" -<OOC>- Ren Tanaka says, "see also: li chasing a scarab with a butterfly net for some reason"

Final Destination December 3rd, 2016 Eryl's final stop on his century-long journey, a mysterious bunker on Yunaska. Another peek into the final days of the Before Times is found.
MANDATORY BEACH EPISODE December 3rd, 2016 Will invites some friends to a tropical island! Unfortunately they don't get much beach time.
A trip to another China December 2nd, 2016 Kotone checks out a new warp gate and finds an alternate Earth with a China that is far better ready for the multiverse than one might expect.
Angel of Victory December 1st, 2016 Genji and a certain angel have a heart-to-heart.